Dress Code

Dancewear sizing

Ordering Attire for Class- 

Periodically throughout the year the staff of Dance Dimensions takes the time, for our customers’ convenience, to properly size and order dance attire through Revolution Dancewear.  This company exclusively sells to studios.  We also order Theatricals products.

 Customers are encouraged to drop by the studio and shop for their fall dancewear.  


  1. For your dance necessities cut the cost of paying the retail price and get great quality for great prices!
  2. Avoid an extra shopping trip to buy the unknown!
  3. Products delivered to students in class.
  4. Take advantage of getting a savings and avoid guessing what size to order online. We have sizing kits to ensure you get an appropriate fitting shoes and numerous samples of attire .
  5. The company has a 100% guarantee on quality.

Dress Code:  Please open the PDF for class details….2017-2018 Dress Code

General Information

  • Group orders are taken to avoid shipping charges. There is a $7 shipping charge for ordering less than 12 items.
  • We want to make what we require for class EASY for you to find.  Purchasing is a simple, affordable option to make your dancewear shopping stress free! Ordering dates and times  will be posted on the studio’s website throughout the year.  It is best to order in early August to prepare for September classes.
  • Typically, items are to you within a week to 2 weeks depending on which night of the week your class falls.
  • We often times have items in stock.
  • When purchasing items we accept debit and credit.  Cash is also accepted, but we do not keep change on the premises for safety.
  • Visit the studio to see specific prices and sample products.

Click here to visit Revolution Dancewear website to preview products.